Savage XR


Perfect mix of real time-strategy and online action


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Savage XR combines game genres as diverse as real-time strategy and first-person action. Initially launched as a commercial title in 2003 by the studio S2 Games, it was published as freeware in 2006, and has since been continually improved up to the current version, which has many upgrades compared to the original at no cost whatsoever.

This is a cooperative game focused exclusively on multiplayer mode, where two teams of players must battle each other in massive levels where more than 100 people can participate simultaneously. There are two ways to play that offer completely different gaming experiences: each team has a commander, who will see the action from a distance, constructing buildings and managing resources for the construction of new units, as in a traditional strategy game.

The remaining players will see the action in third person, controlling a single character on the battlefield and choosing from several classes, each with different skills. Depending on your commander's actions and your own ability to defeat enemies, you can also improve your equipment and weaponry.

Savage XR is incontestably an original project that unifies two completely different genres, adding features from RPGs, such as leveling-up of characters, specialized classes, and even the social interaction that you'd find in an MMORPG.
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